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Risk Management and Compliance

Risk Management System

(Current as of August 1, 2017)

For the eight risk categories, namely, natural disaster and accident risks, legal (litigation) risks, financial risks, economic risks, labor risks, political risks, social risks, and business activity risks, the JDI Group performs assessment of assumed risks in terms of their probability and their impact if they were to materialize, considers and formulates countermeasures for risks whose degree is greater than the predetermined level, and implements countermeasures throughout the Group following management review. The Group reviews items and content of risk assessment (setting of the degree of significance) every year.

JDI Ethics

JDI is fully committed to not only complying with laws and regulations but also a system of management that observes corporate ethics. We have created "JDI Ethics" to provide specific guidelines to all managers and employees on the importance of respecting compliance rules. A pocket-size version of JDI Ethics has been distributed and education is conducted to further promote compliance awareness among managers and employees. Also, an English-version of the Code has been distributed to JDI's overseas companies and is widely promoted.

* Reference

JDI Code of Ethics (JDI Ethics)PDF(131KB)


In accordance with the Fundamental Policy for Compliance, the Company has instituted the Compliance Committee as a forum where representatives from related units deliberate and implement measures to establish and inculcate compliance promotion systems and programs. A compliance administrator is assigned to each division to ensure awareness of compliance measures among the employees of each division.

The Compliance Committee is supervised by the chairperson appointed by the Board of Directors and consists of the representatives of divisions that prepare compliance-related policies and measures. The Committee meets once every half-year and holds extraordinary meetings as necessary. Furthermore, the Meeting of Compliance Administrators is held, which is a venue for deepening understanding of the results of deliberations by the Compliance Committee and for information sharing among compliance administrators.

Compliance System

Diagram: Compliance System

Whistleblower System

The Company has instituted the Whistleblower System to enable the prevention and early detection of compliance violations, increase flexibility in the self-policing process, and correct compliance violations and, in so doing, ensure public trust in JDI. Employees and other persons who have discovered compliance violations or suspected violations can use the Whistleblower System to seek consultation and make reports. As such, the system helps to instill compliance awareness in employees, etc. The Company has set an outside point of contact in addition to an in-house point of contact as contacts for the Whistleblowing System, and explicitly, in accordance with the Company's regulations, prohibits any disadvantageous treatment of a whistleblower while taking due measures to protect whistleblowers, such as managing whistleblowing information as strictly confidential.

Whistleblower System

Diagram: Whistleblower System

Information Security System

To avoid the risk of leakage of various types of information handled by the JDI Group, the Company has established the Policies on Information Security and other rules and takes steps to ensure all officers and employees are familiar with the rules and that they are properly implemented. We have instituted the Information Security Committee to implement groupwide information security-related measures. The Committee conducts risk assessment and risk management and engages in continuous activities to prevent the loss, leakage, or theft of confidential information. The Committee also supervises the safeguarding of information assets and the establishment of information management systems in response to the actual conditions of each business field.

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