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Corporate Governance

Basic Policy

JDI aims to contribute to the enrichment of peoples' lifestyles and cultures by developing and delivering to the world beautiful displays which generate surprise and excitement using leading-edge technology. This is the basic policy underlying the Company's management.

The Company considers corporate governance one of the most important management priorities. In order to achieve sustainable growth and enhance medium- to long-term corporate value, the Company has established the Corporate Governance Policies to stipulate basic matters for corporate governance and strives to ensure management efficiency and soundness.

Corporate Governance Policies (July 13, 2017) (PDF88.3KB)

Corporate Governance System

(Current as of August 1,2017)

JDI is a company with Board of Company Auditors. Accordingly, the Board of Directors of the Company makes decisions on important management issues and oversees business execution, and the Company Auditors and the Board of Company Auditors audit the status of business execution, etc. independently of the Board of Directors. In order to make prompt decisions on business execution, the Company has adopted an Executive Officers system and has established the Management Committee as a decision-making organ for directing business execution at the Company.

Furthermore, to ensure management transparency, the Company has established optional committees resolved by the Board of Directors, which deliberate and decide matters delegated by the Board of Directors.

Corporate Governance System

Diagram: Corporate Governance System

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for enabling the Company to sustainably grow and maximize corporate value over the medium to long term through the realization of efficient and effective corporate governance based on entrustment from shareholders.

At present, the Board of Directors consists of seven Directors whose terms of office are one year. Outside Directors constitute a majority of the Board of Directors. There are five Outside Directors, three of whom are Independent Outside Directors. The Company has put in place a framework where opinions of Directors who have abundant experience and knowledge from career such as corporate managers or academic experts are appropriately reflected in the Company's management.

Executive Officers

Matters concerning business execution not resolved by the Board of Directors are delegated to the Representative Director and Chairman, the Director and President, and Executive Officers, and each Executive Officer executes business in his or her area of responsibility under the oversight of the Representative Director and Chairman and the Director and President.

Internal Audit Office

The Internal Audit Department reports the results of internal audits to JDI's Representative Directors (the CEO and COO) and assures the effectiveness of audits through such methods as regular meetings of Full-time Company Auditors with Outside Auditors to share and assess audit information.

Internal Control System

Following the integration of three predecessor companies construction was begun on an Internal Control System to assure healthy and efficient organizational management. The development of the basic policy concerning the maintenance and operations of JDI's Internal Control System ("Internal Control System Basic Policy") was completed in June 2012. Systems were established in accordance with this basic policy to ensure the accomplishment of four goals: business effectiveness and efficiency, credible financial reporting, business compliance and capital asset preservation.

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