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Wide variety of LCD modules for mobile applications including smartphone and tablet devices. JDI leads mobile display technologies with thin structure, large screen, high resolution, enhanced optical performance, etc.

Screen size and Resolution

Product Lineup(representative)

Screen size
PE*1 WCG*2 NEO*3 Number of pixels
Diagonal 13.9cm(5.5-inch)   3840 x (RGB) x 2160 equivalent 4k2k 806ppi (Vertical)
Diagonal 14.5cm(5.7-inch) 1440 x (RGB) x 2560 WQHD 516ppi
Diagonal 14.0cm(5.5-inch) 1440 x (RGB) x 2560 WQHD 534ppi
Diagonal 13.4cm(5.3-inch) 1440 x (RGB) x 2560 WQHD 555ppi
Diagonal 15.2cm(6.0-inch) 1080 x (RGB) x 1920 FHD 368ppi
Diagonal 14.5.cm(5.7-inch) 1080 x (RGB) x 1920 FHD 385ppi
Diagonal 14.0.cm(5.5-inch) 1080 x (RGB) x 1920 FHD 401ppi
Diagonal 13.2cm(5.2-inch) 1080 x (RGB) x 1920 FHD 424ppi
Diagonal 12.7cm(5.0-inch) 1080 x (RGB) x 1920 FHD 441ppi

  *1 PE: Pixel EyesTM

  *2 WCG: Wide Color Gamut


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