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Ultra Low Power Consumption

Reflective-type Color Display

JDI carries out development relating to not only improvement of display performance with higher resolution and higher picture quality, but also to reflective-type color displays for realization of ultra-low power consumption.

JDI’s reflective-type display optimizes its optical design by using a newly-developed scattering layer. At the same time, ultra-low power consumption is achieved when still images are displayed by adopting a memory-in-pixel structure using low temperature poly-silicon technology. Full-color moving images are also available. This technology supports development of new applications like smart watches and e-readers.

High Reflection Prototype
Memory-in-pixel Circuitry Architecture

Prototype Specifications
  High-reflection type High color-purity type
(reference exhibit)
Screen size 7.03-inch (17.9cm) diagonal
Number of pixels 768× (RGB) ×1024 576× (RGBW) ×1024
Reflection ratio 40% 28%
NTSC ratio 5% 36%
Contrast ratio 30:1 30:1
Power consumption 3mW (still image)
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