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Relationship with Society

In the JDI Ethics, the Company defines its relationship with society as follows. Through compliance with the following items, the Company will aim to become a company trusted by society as a "Good Corporate Citizen."

  1. We will be sincerely engaged in protecting the global environment.
  2. We will perform our corporate activities with high ethical standards.
  3. We will maintain respectful and amicable relationships with local communities.
  4. We will have no connection with antisocial organizations.
  5. We will make donations and political contributions in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  6. We will comply with import/export-related laws.
  7. We will be committed to the protection of personal information.

Social Contribution Activities 2020

The Japan Display Inc. Group is engaged in social contribution activities such as contribution to local communities, contribution to welfare and interaction with local communities, at each domestic plants and overseas subsidiaries.
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