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Social Contribution Activities 2016

In FY2016, Japan Display Group implemented the following activities at each domestic and overseas base.

Social Contribution

[ Major activities ]

  1. ● Blood donation
  2. ● fund‐raising campaign
  3. ● Disaster relief donation
       (for Earthquake in central Tottori prefecture)

Blood donation at Mobara Plant

Contribution to local communities

[ Major activities ]

  1. ● Clean up campaign
  2. ● Contribution of goods to neighboring facilities (Taiwan)

Higashiura Plant in May: Participation in volunteer cleaning activities

Ishikawa Plant in May: Participation in the Clean Kawakita Campaign

China in June: Participation in community cleaning activities

Tottori Plant in September: Participation in the concerted cleaning of Tottori Sand Dunes

Mobara Plant in September: Participation in volunteer cleaning at the mouth of Ichinomiya River

Contribution to welfare

[ Major activities ]

  1. ● Holding a charity fair for product sales of welfare facilities
  2. ● Volunteer activities
  3. ● Sale of recycled goods (Taiwan)

Tottori Plant in June: Implementing a charity fair for product sales at welfare facilities

Interaction with communities

[ Major activities ]

  1. ● Plant Tour for students
  2. ● Workplace experience for neighboring schools
  3. ● Participation in local events

Higashiura Plant in May:
Participation in nature learning

China in July: Implementation of environmental knowledge education for children

Ishikawa Site in August: Participation in Kawakita Festival

Mobara Plant in July: Participation in an
ornament contest as part of the Mobara
Tanabata Festival

Tottori Plant in August: Participation in the Shanshan Festival
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