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Intellectual Property

Contribution to Value Creation for Intellectual Property

Providing cutting-edge displays to support digital transformation, and creating innovation based on display technology toward sustainable society.


PersonalTech*1 For A Better World

  1. Intellectual property protection and promotion of strategic utilization of intellectual property for maximizing customer value.
  2. Creating innovation and incubating competitive new businesses.
  1. *1Our vision is to become a company that offers technologies and services that consider people’s needs and enrich daily lives through not only the display business, but also through expanding into healthcare, security, and other new fields of business.

Main Initiatives for FY2020

  1. Promoting strategic utilization of intellectual property in the display domain.
  2. Creating innovation by actively utilizing industry-academia partnership and others.
  3. Strategic patent portfolio construction according to patent roadmap for each business area.

Results for FY2020

Patent Initiatives

Domestic patents 3,275
Overseas patents 8,497
※As of March 2021

Domestic patent applications 354
Overseas patent applications 453
※Result for FY2020

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