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Basic Safety and Health Policy

Basic Policy

The Japan Display Inc. Group will, in all business activities, operate to ensure a safe and pleasant workplace environment through efforts to prioritize the assurance of safety and health, so as to continue contributing to the realization of a secure and comfortable society.

We will recognize the importance of occupational health and safety in our corporate social responsibility (CSR) and promote company-wide activities.

We will promote occupational safety and health activities as part of its corporate culture by eliminating potential and overt risks associated with accidents, disasters (explosions, fires, acid deficiencies, etc.), injuries, and diseases due to the use of hazardous chemicals, special high pressure gases, hazardous materials and other factors, and maintaining stable corporate activities.

We will promote activities based on compliance and continuous improvement as company-wide safety and health activities.

Recognizing that compliance with the Safety and Health Laws, Regulations, and other requirements voluntarily decided to accept by JDI as well as the various rules, will lead to ensuring the safety of all employees, we will implement PDCA cycles in our occupational safety and health management systems in compliance with the ISO45001 and make continuous improvements.

We will promote initiatives aimed at eliminating occupational accidents, eradicating occupational diseases, and maintaining and promoting physical and mental health.

Implementing preliminary assessments of the risks and hazards of inducing occupational accidents and diseases, and ensuring that these preventive measures are incorporated into the procedures of each operation.
We will actively listen to the opinions of our employees regarding problems and deficiencies in occupational safety and health, provide them fair evaluation and treatment, establish an environment in which opinions can be exchanged, and work to achieve the goals.

We will provide leadership in the establishment, operation, and improvement of occupational health and safety management systems (in compliance with the ISO45001), and will allocate and support management resources, including the necessary personnel, materials, and financial resources.

In addition to establishing a back-up system necessary for promoting occupational safety and health for managerial supervisors, JDI has established an Industrial Safety and Health Committee and a Promotion Committee to promote occupational safety and health measures in consultation with the union and employee representatives. In order to ensure that these committees can fulfill their original roles and functions, JDI will provide necessary support to all employees and cooperating companies.

January 1, 2021
Scott Callon
Chairman, CEO, & Representative Executive Officer
Japan Display Inc.

Health declaration

As a company which "work constantly to realize a world that is inspiring and free of stress with fresh perspectives and advancing technologies", Japan Display group regards "Health" as a foundation for all business activities, support proactively employee's health promotion, address an improvement of an active and pleasant working environment and contribute to realize a safe and comfortable society.

January 1, 2021
Scott Callon
Chairman, CEO, & Representative Executive Officer
Japan Display Inc.

Healthy company® is registered trademark of NPO Workshop for the
Management of Health on Company and Employee.

Organization and Structures

Japan Display Group formulates its goals and implementation plan regarding safety and health based on "The Basic Safety and Health Policy." In addition, the Group clarifies the organization/system and roles/responsibilities/authorities for operating the safety and health management system effectively, and makes efforts for continuous improvement of the safety and health system.

Safety and Health Activities 2018

White 500

「White 500 certification」

Received certification as an “Organization Recognized under the 2019 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program (White 500)”

We will introduce our efforts to realize a safe and secure workplace environment at Japan Display Group and an environment where employees can work healthily.

Gas/Chemical liquid handling education

「Gas/Chemical liquid handling education」

Education on hazards of chemical substances and Gas by external lecturers.

Industrial accident ZERO Activities

「Industrial accident ZERO Activities」

Workshop for preventing falls in July - Sept.

Life-saving Workshop

「Life-saving Workshop」

Each year, we implement practical training on cardiopulmonary resuscitation, how to use an AED, removal of foreign bodies from airways, how to stop bleeding, etc.

Fire Drill

「Fire Drill」

Training unique to each site was implemented, including: evacuation drill, initial firefighting drill, emergency treatment, instance of a power failure or blockade, night emergency drill, display of emergency stockpiles, etc.

Company-wide non-smoking time

「Company-wide non-smoking time」

In order to prevent secondhand smoke and stop frequent smoking and reduce smoking opportunities, setting non-smoking time. (since May, 2018)

Introduction of work-life balance system

「Introduction of work-life balance system」

Supporting the balance between work and family life (nursing, childcare, recuperation, etc)(Since Aug., 2018)

Health Fair

「Health Fair」

In the theme of " Preventing falls" more than 600 people took part in the workshop.

Safety and Health Activities 2017

Safety and Health Activities 2016

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