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Safety and Health Activities

We will enhance the awareness of safety based on our motto "Safety First."

We will introduce our efforts to realize a safe and secure workplace environment at Japan Display Group and an environment where employees can work healthily.

Safety and Health Activities 2016

Industrial accident ZERO Activities
[Industrial accident ZERO Activities]
We implemented risk confirmations prior to operators performing operations and took measures to strengthen safety.
Safety award
[Safety award]
We grant the "Safety Excellence Award" to those bases which achieve accident-free operations for one year.

Workshop for Preventing Trips and Falls
[Workshop for Preventing Trips and Falls]
To prevent the occurrence of accidents caused by trips and falls while commuting or during operations, we invited an outside instructor and implemented practical training on subjects including the risk of tripping, checking how to walk, and preventive measures for trips and falls, etc.
Health Fair
[Health Fair]
On the theme of "increasing healthy behavior," more than 1,400 people in total took part in the workshop.
(Measurement of vascular age)

Life-saving Workshop
[Life-saving Workshop]
Each year, we implement practical training on cardiopulmonary resuscitation, how to use an AED, removal of foreign bodies from airways, how to stop bleeding, etc.
Fire Drill
[Fire Drill]
Training unique to each base was implemented including: smoke experience, initial firefighting drill, emergency treatment, assumption of a power failure or blockade, display of emergency stockpiles, etc.
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