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Safety and Health Activities

We will enhance the awareness of safety based on our motto "Safety First."

We will introduce our efforts to realize a safe and secure workplace environment at Japan Display Group and an environment where employees can work healthily.

Safety and Health Activities 2017

Executive Patrol
[Executive Patrol]
Plant patrol on safety and health legal requirements by CEO and COO.
Industrial accident ZERO Activities
[Industrial accident ZERO Activities]
Workshop for preventing falls in July - Sept.

Chemical liquid handling education
[Chemical liquid handling education]
Education on hazards of chemical substances by external lecturers.
Health Fair
[Health Fair]
In the theme of "Method for Relieving Stress," more than 1,400 people took part in the workshop.
(Analytical measurement of peoples' voices)

Life-saving Workshop
[Life-saving Workshop]
Each year, we implement practical training on cardiopulmonary resuscitation, how to use an AED, removal of foreign bodies from airways, how to stop bleeding, etc.
Fire Drill
[Fire Drill]
Training unique to each site was implemented, including: smoke detection, initial firefighting drill, emergency treatment, instance of a power failure or blockade, display of emergency stockpiles, etc.

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