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Responsible Sourcing of Minerals

JDI's Conflict Minerals Activities

Based on a survey request received from our customers for SEC reporting under the regulation of US law, the Company implements this survey as a member of the supply chain and is working toward the non-use of conflict minerals from a humanitarian perspective.

Specifically, the Company implements a survey on the use situations of conflict minerals and the identification of refiners in accordance with guidelines including OECD Guidance and JEITA efforts, and by using a tool developed by CFSI/RMI (CFSI Conflict Minerals Reporting Template/CMRT). Also, in our supply chain, we are requesting our business partners to work on the non-use of conflict minerals based on the survey results. The Company will promote the non-use of conflict minerals with our business partners and fulfill our social responsibilities.

Conflict Minerals Survey system (JCOMS)

JDI implements a conflict minerals survey periodically or in accordance with the requests of our customers by using the Japan Display Conflict Minerals Survey System (JCOMS), which is a system of asking suppliers questions about the minerals they used in the delivered parts and answering questions, based on the CMRT File proposed by CFSI/Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI).
We would like our intended suppliers to cooperate with our inquiries in accordance with the reference materials shown below.
* JCOMS(Japan display COnflict Minerals Survey system)

Please contact the following for inquiries/questions.

JCOMS related documents for Suppliers

The latest version can be downloaded from the form list shown below.

  Latest Version Revision date
JCOMS related documents Japanese English Chinese
JDI's Conflict Minerals Program - 2017/12/21
User Registration - 2020/1/8
JCOMS manual for Suppliers 2018/1/19
Reply Register FAQ 2018/1/31

(Note) EICC and CFSI name changes

As of October 14, 2017, the EICC (Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition), which had been active since 2004 as a CSR alliance of electronic industries, changed its name to the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA).
At the same time, the name of the CFSI (Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative), which had been establishing and promoting programs related to conflict minerals, changed its name to the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI).

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