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August 1st, 2018
Japan Display Inc.

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JDI Announces the World's First Trial of High-Transmittance Color Transparent Display on a Helmet
JDI Cooperates with "DANDELION RACING", a Participating Team in
"Super Formula" Racing to Realize the Ultimate Driving Performance

August 1, 2018 (Tokyo, Japan) - In July 2018, Japan Display Inc. (JDI) carried out a driving experiment with a high-transmittance color transparent display on a helmet, cooperating with "DANDELION RACING", a participating racing team in "Super Formula", the summit of Asia's formula car racing. This actual experiment, utilizing a transparent display, was the world's first effort in a race driving environment.

The display used for the experiment achieves a high transmittance level of 80% by applying JDI's new technology that permits the removal of the usual color filter and polarizer layers. We conducted the test run at Fuji speedway, attaching the transparent display to the helmet, and showed driving information such as temperature and fuel consumption, in cooperation with DANDELION RACING. The driver did not need to look at a monitor in the cockpit, but instead could concentrate on driving with the transparent display.

JDI will continue to collaborate with DANDELION RACING to research display products that may be implemented in racing environments.

Comments from Kiyoshi Muraoka, the leader of DANDELION RACING

In "Super Formula" racing, drivers compete for one thousandth of a second with team members, checking a variety of information in a high-tense atmosphere where there is no room for any mistake. If a driver's eye movement can be reduced in this tense atmosphere, it can help reduce the driver's stress.
We want to seek the possibility of using high-transmittance color transparent display technology in many fields with JDI through research and study in the racing field's harsh environment."

[JDI Future Trip Project]
Commercialization of "5G" will be started in 2020 and all devices surrounding people will be connected to the internet. JDI recently established a new corporate philosophy -- "With fresh perspectives and advancing technologies, we work constantly to realize a world that is inspiring and free of stress" -- as well as set up a new department (April 2018) to promote marketing and innovation, so that we are promoting "kotozukuri" (value creation) by utilizing JDI's #1 market share in small- and medium-size LCD displays, JDI's technological strength. JDI will create new future experiences within our "JDI Future Trip Project".

Dandelion Racing was established in 1989 by Mr. Kiyoshi Muraoka, who is the leader of the team. The team has participated in Formula Nippon (currently known as "Super Formula") since 1999. In the 2018 season, the team is enhanced with a new driver, Mr. Matsushita Nobuharu who has returned from European Formula 2 battle field, in addition to Honda's Ace driver, Mr. Nojiri Tomoki.,
https://www.dandelion-racing.com/ new window

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