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October 5th, 2018
Japan Display Inc.

Development of a dynamic pricing solution, utilizing AI technology
– Connecting with electronic shelf labels –

Japan Display Inc. (JDI) today announced that it has developed a Dynamic Pricing Solution (hereinafter "DPS"), to assist store owners, by calculating product pricing, utilizing AI (Artificial Intelligence).
JDI has everything prepared now to mount this solution in stores studying the installation of DPS.

DPS, along with analyzing the sales performance of products with AI, is a solution that introduces optimal pricing, calculating pricing elasticity, from the customer and store factors. By introducing DPS, this will enable a contribution to increased sales and net profit. Furthermore, by connecting the DPS system with the electronic shelf labels, it becomes possible to change the pricing displayed in real time, thus improving store operational efficiencies.

JDI has focused on the display hardware business, however, we are expanding the value chain to include the business of self-creating the information to be displayed in the display.

DPS outline

DPS outline

Further, in the JDI booth at the "Startup Launchpad Fall 2018", to be held at the Hong Kong Asia World Expo, between October 18th through the 21st, 2018, JDI is scheduled to introduce DPS connecting to horizontal electronic shelf labels, allowing displays in 3 colors, developed based on collaboration with E Ink Holdings.

【Startup Launchpad Fall 2018】

October 18th (Thur.) through the 21st (Sun.)
Asia World-Expo in Hong Kong

For inquiries concerning DPS

For inquiries concerning DPS

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