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December 4th, 2018
Japan Display Inc.

<JDI Future Trip Project>
Decision to create a technical support with Mr. Yoshihide Muroya
The First Air Race champion from Asia
-Supporting the improvement in performance in flying, with a top speed of 370 kilos / hour, reaching extremes of 10G's -

Partnership with Mr. Yoshihide MuroyaPartnership with Mr. Yoshihide Muroya

Japan Display Inc. (JDI) announced that it will have a technical support with Mr. Yoshihide Muroya, an Air racing pilot, to realize the perfect performance, in air racing.

Under the competitive environment, which reaches speeds of 370 kilos / hour, and G forces of 10G's, being able to control the G's leads to winning. Reaching 10 G's during competition is only for thousands of a second, and as such, this requires detailed and accurate decision making, in order to fly the plane under such extreme circumstances. This time, through creating a technical partnership, seeking to improve the level of flying performance, under extreme conditions, with Mr. Yoshihide Muroya, who was the 2017 Air Race World Champion, as an acrobatic pilot representing Asia, we will start a project for developing new technology, for the future.

Represents the forces of speed, in units of Gravity.

【 JDI Future Trip Project 】

In 2020, with the commercialization of the next generation communication network, 5G, coming online, IoT will progress so much that there will be machines we will come in contact with in our daily lives. JDI, by defining "With ideas that have never been heard of before, seeking unlimited technology, we will continue to create a world where humans can perform dynamically", a new organization for promoting Marketing and Innovation was started from April 2018. With the technological capabilities JDI has, as the top shareholder in the small to medium LCD maker in the world, the project for promoting not just manufacturing, but creating value, providing value added services and solutions is "JDI Future Trip".

【 Profile for Yoshihide Muroya 】

Profile for Yoshihide Muroya

Acrobatic pilot and Red Bull Air race pilot
He has participated as the first Asian pilot, in the "Red Bull Air Race World Championship", which is a 3 dimensional motor sports series, since 2009. In 2016, he won at the Chiba race. In the 2017 series, he won 4 of 8 majors, and became the first champion from Asia.

As part of the advancement of acrobatic flying in Japan, there have been efforts in aerobatics (flying competition, as an air sport), with the goal of "being the world's best pilot", where air shows are performed around the nation. Using the know how accumulated from around the world, there has been particular efforts expended towards the promotion of safety as well, where he actively works as the bridge between the ground and the air to promote air sports, such as holding flying classes for children, alongside of the Fukushima Prefecture etc. Also, he actively participates in activities supporting the recovery in his home prefecture of Fukushima, as well as projects for kids etc. He is the "Fukushima Sports Ambassador" for the Fukushima Prefecture. He has received the Fukushima People's Prize.
http://www.yoshi-muroya.jp/en/new window

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