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July 17th, 2019
Japan Display Inc.

<JDI Future Trip Project>
Demo corner at "Suzuka 8 Hours"
The 'XHD-03' heads up display for motorcycles, realizing safety driving
~Displaying navigation in line of sight, in collaboration with your smart phone~


Japan Display Inc. (JDI) will have a demo corner for the 'XHD-03', the heads up display for motorcycles, realizing safety driving, at "Suzuka 8 Hours", starting from July 25th, 2019, in Suzuka, Mie.

The 'XHD-03' is an improved product over that which was announced in 2018, as part of the JDI Future Trip Project, being a heads up display that can be mounted on a helmet. By attaching the heads up display to the helmet, it allows you to check navigation information, while maintaining your line of sight on the road, and the product this time realizes collaboration with smart phones. This product is scheduled to go on sale in fiscal year 2019.

【 Suzuka 8 Hours 】

July 25th through the 28th, 2019
Suzuka Circuit in Suzuka, Mie
Demo location:
GP square
Suzuka 8 Hours is the largest motorcycle race in Japan, held at the Suzuka Circuit every summer, as part of the FIM world endurance series.

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