News Release: The former Hitachi Displays

January 22, 2004

Hitachi's IPS Technology Used in Low-Temperature Polysilicon QVGA Definition TFT LCDs for Mobile Phones

Hitachi Displays, Ltd. (President: Fumiaki Yonai) this month began mass producing 2.2-inch low-temperature polysilicon QVGA definition TFT liquid crystal panels for mobile phones. The screens utilize the In-Plane-Switching (IPS) mode system, a technology used to produce high-quality LCDs for large-screen TVs.

Initially, Hitachi Displays will produce 150,000 units a month at its V3LTPS large glass substrate production line (730 x 920mm) in Mobara, Chiba Prefecture. However, plans call for output to be ramped up. The Mobara facility currently produces transflective QVGA TFT LCD modules for mobile phones, an application that requires excellent picture quality, and TFT LCDs for high-end, high-resolution digital cameras. It has a total output of around 450,000 panels a month.

The latest products to be produced by this line deliver sharp, vivid images of photographs and TV programs. By using IPS technology, the displays have none of the color and contrast problems related to viewing angle that are generally associated with LCDs. Viewers can enjoy a beautiful picture from many angles.

Developed by Hitachi, Ltd., IPS technology functions differently to conventional TFT LCDs. Liquid crystal molecules rotate parallel to the substrate when a charge is applied horizontally. The simple movement of molecules that results produces superior performance in terms of viewing angle and response speed for color purity and half tones. Already used in 28-inch and 32-inch large-screen LCD TVs, this technology has been lauded for the outstanding picture quality it produces.

The application of IPS technology in TFT LCDs for mobile phones is currently limited to low-temperature polysilicon LCDs. However, Hitachi Displays hopes to make IPS technology the de facto standard for achieving wide viewing angles in mobile phones by enabling its use in amorphous TFT LCDs too.

Main Specifications (Product name: DX06D*******)

2.2-inch (5.6cm) IPS low-temperature polysilicon QVGA definition TFT LCD

Number of Display Pixels (H/V) 240 x 320
Pixel Pitch (H/V) 0.141/0.141mm
Number of Colors 262,144
Color Reproductivity Approx. 50% (NTSC)
Viewing Angle 170° horizontally and vertically
Interface RGB 6-bit digital interface