News Release: The former Hitachi Displays

January 19, 2007

Hitachi Displays Starts Mass Production of 2.9-Inch Wide and High Definition (WVGA) IPS LC for Mobile Phones

Hitachi Europe, Ltd. today announces that Hitachi Displays, Ltd. has developed a 2.9-inch wide, high definition (wide Video Graphics Array (WVGA) display: 480 x 800 pixels) IPS liquid crystal (LC) module for mobile phones. Mass production of the module commenced in December 2006.

IPS technology, the latest LC solution for television, is employed in mobile phones to provide high definition (VGA) in addition to a wide viewing angle and high image quality. This enables mobile phones to display images of higher quality and definition. The whole screen can be viewed without scrolling laterally, using a full-browser function when browsing websites for PC or VGA video image (480 x 640 pixels).

New services for mobile phones (e.g. full-browser, navigation, photographic images, mobile TV broadcasting) have recently become available driving the demand for LCDs. In light of this growing demand, we have employed our core technology of IPS LC for LCD TVs and digital single-lens reflex cameras, which require high image quality. The company continues to develop more advanced technology to meet new needs in the mobile phone market.

Simply increasing the number of pixels to realize higher LC module definition traditionally means that the parts, including wires, which block light from the backlight, become larger. Hitachi has succeeded in deploying its IPS technology to address the issue of raising luminance to without increasing power consumption.

Hitachi's technology improves the pixel structure and its wire microfabrication technology raises the light transmission from the backlight. Hitachi's IPS technology has succeeded in increasing luminance without a corresponding rise in power consumption.

The wide VGA IPS LC was first exhibited at the FPD International Exhibition in October 2006, under the title, "See more than you ever imagined" this showcased the finely-detailed, crystal-clear images made possible by this new technology.

Major specifications (Product name: DX07******)

Panel size 7.3cm (2.9") 37mm x 62mm
Pixel pitch 480 x RGB (horizontal) x 800 (vertical)
Display color Max16.77 million
Display mode IPS
Viewing angle Vertical/horizontal 170 degrees and over
Contrast ratio Approx. 400 : 1
Brightness 250cd/m2

What is IPS technology?

IPS technology uses a horizontal electric field and operates differently to the usual TFT LC. Hitachi, Ltd. released this technology in 1995 and began incorporating it in practical applications in 1996. The technology has since developed further into the Super-IPS, Advanced-Super IPS and IPS-Pro.
With this technology, liquid crystal molecules rotate on the surface parallel to the TFT substrate due to the horizontal electric field. Since the motion of the molecules is simple, the technology offers superior performance in viewing angle, color reproductivity and response speed in halftone display.