News Release: The former Hitachi Displays

July 20, 2011

High-Intensity, High-Definition 3D IPS LCD Panel for Portable Devices
- Dynamic, high-definition (1280 x 720) 3D images on portable devices -

Hitachi Displays, Ltd. (President: Yoshiyuki Imoto, hereafter referred to as Hitachi Displays) had developed a 4.5-inch high-definition (1280 x 720) 3D IPS LCD panel using a liquid crystal lens method (a method of adding light-focusing functionality to liquid crystals). Until this time, the parallax barrier method has been commonly used for creating 3D images. This method involves placing a parallax barrier, a panel of vertical slits, in front of an LCD so that each eye sees a separate image, thereby creating a sense of depth. However, a disadvantage of the parallax barrier method is that brightness is reduced by half when displaying 3D images. Our latest development uses liquid crystal lenses to add light-focusing functionality to the panel in front of the displayed image. The path of the light is altered to send separate images to each eye, for more effective use of light. This liquid crystal lens method allows the display of bright, high-definition 3D images.

Currently, the display of 3D images is providing added value to large LCDs such as those used for televisions, as well as small and medium sized LCDs such as those used for videogame devices and mobile telephones. As the volume of 3D content (such as games) increases on portable devices, there is a growing need for bright, high-definition 3D displays for realistic stereoscopic images. With the liquid crystal lens method, 3D IPS LCD panel can display 3D images at brightness levels equal to or greater than normal (2D) images, while also reducing the occurrence of double imaging caused by insufficient separation of left and right images (crosstalk). The result is natural 3D images that are more easily recognizable.

Hitachi Displays will continue to enhance the development and sales of high-value added products that satisfy the needs of the market.

Primary specifications of newly developed 3D LCD

Item Specification
LCD panel size 4.5-inch (11cm diagonal)
Display size 55.512(horizontal)×98.688(vertical)mm
Pixels 1280×720×(RGB)dots(HD)
Brightness (2D) 400 cd/m2
Brightness (3D) 470 cd/m2

Comparison of parallax barrier method and liquid crystal lens method