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Transparent Display

Developing a display with a transparency as clear as glass was JDI’s main goal. JDI developed transparent display with 87% high transparency, which is nearly the same as looking through a clear glass when the display is turned off. When the display is turned on, viewing information on a clear background is also possible.
In addition, images can be viewed from both sides.

New display usage, which could not be realized with traditional displays, can be offered with transparent displays:

Futuristic designs
Seamless, non-present and open feeling while the display is turned off
Integrated contents with real objects
Viewing display from both sides while facing each other

Use Case 別ウィンドウ

Product lineup *1

Screen Size (Diagonal) 10.2cm (4-inch)   31.2cm (12.3-inch)
Number of pixels 320(H) × 360(V) 1440(H) × 540(V)
Pixel density 120ppi 125ppi
(in display off state)
87% 84%
Luminance 270 ㏅/m² 110 ㏅/m²
Contrast ratio 20:1 20:1
Color number 4,096
Status Prototype sample : Available
MP : Available
(need discussion for details)
Prototype sample : Available
Engineering sample : 2021/October
MP : 2022/February

*1 Specifications may change without prior notice.

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