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Responsible Mineral Sourcing

JDI's Approach to Conflict Minerals

In Response to customer requests to conduct surveys for SEC reporting under U.S. laws and regulations, JDI conducts surveys as a member of the supply chain and works toward the non-use of conflict minerals from a humanitarian perspective.

Specifically, in accordance with guidelines such as the OECD Guidance and JEITA initiatives, JDI uses a tool (CMRT: Conflict Minerals Reporting Template) created and standardized by RMI to conduct surveys on the use of conflict minerals and the identification of smelters and refiners. In addition, within our supply chain, JDI requires our business partners to work toward the non-use of conflict minerals based on the results of the survey. JDI is committed to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility by working with our business partners to promote the non-use of conflict minerals.

Conflict Minerals survey system (JCOMS)

JDI uses the Conflict Minerals survey system (*JCOMS), which is based on the CMRT file, to ask and answer questions about minerals used in parts supplied to suppliers, and JDI conducts Conflict Minerals surveys periodically or as requested by customers.
JDI requests that suppliers subject to the survey cooperate with the survey in accordance with the following related documents.
* JCOMS (Japan display COnflict Minerals Survey system)

For inquiries and questions regarding JCOMS, please contact the following address:

JCOMS Related Documents for Suppliers

See the list of Related Documents below to download the latest version.

  Latest Version Revision date
JCOMS Related Documents Japanese English Chinese
JDI's Conflict Minerals Program - 2023/3/16
Application Form - 2023/3/16
JCOMS manual for Suppliers 2018/1/19
Reply Register FAQ 2018/1/31

(Note) Organization Names

JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association):
A coalition of companies and organizations in the digital electronics industry in Japan.

RMI (Responsible Minerals Initiative):
A coalition of companies and organizations around the world leading the way in responsible mineral sourcing.

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