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JDI Sustainability Policy

Our Purpose is “With fresh perspectives and advancing technologies, we work constantly to realize a world that is inspiring and free of stress”. JDI believes that people, society, and the world being healthy is fundamental to Our Purpose.

(1) Compliance with JDI Ethics
JDI has established a code of ethics, JDI Ethics, and seek compliance to it from all employees in order to ensure ethical management and support people, society, and the world being healthy. JDI Ethics is the foundation for all of JDI’s activities. JDI Ethics calls for respecting human rights, maintaining and improving the workplace environment, working for global environmental protection, maintaining good relationships with local communities, avoiding actions that are inappropriate and in conflict with socially-accepted norms, and acting sincerely in accordance with sound public morals.

(2) Co-Existence and Co-Creation with All Stakeholders
JDI strives to co-create social value and maintain good relationships with all stakeholders, including society broadly, customers and business partners, competitors, shareholders and investors, and employees.

(3) Sustainable Growth
Based on the above policies, JDI works to generate sustainable growth as a company by contributing to the achievement of fully-realized and prosperous societies, reducing the environmental load across the supply chain, supporting the success of local communities and society, and carrying out effective governance.

Organization and Structures for Sustainability

JDI's sustainability activities are being promoted under the umbrella of "Five Area-Specific Activity Systems" which widely cover the ISO26000 core subjects.

  ISO26000 Core subject
Activity Scope Organizational governance, Management System Human rights Labor practices, Safety and Health The environment Fair operating practices, Ethics Consumer issues Community involvement and development
Corporate Governance Policies  
Fundamental Policy for Compliance
(Compliance Committee)
Safety and Health Management System
(Safety and Health Committee)
Environmental Management System
Quality Management System
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