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High Contrast and Thin Structure

High-resolution Organic EL Display

The Organic Electro-Luminescent (EL) display is the next-generation display technology to realize high contrast and thin structure. It is a self-luminescent display, so that high contrast is achievable. Furthermore, since a backlight is not required, an ultra-thin structure is achievable, too.

Currently, high resolution displays such as Full-HD and WQHD are the mainstream of mobile products (such as smartphones), which were difficult to achieve by conventional OLED technology.
JDI by utilizing its proprietary Advanced-LTPS technology (backplane) and Advanced-SBS technology (frontplane), aims to realize the ultra-high resolution and the picture quality required by the market scene.

Prototype Specifications
Spec. Display size 5.5 inch
Display format 1080x1920 pixels
Resolution 401ppi (real)
Peak brightness
(10% area)
Contrast ratio >100,000
Process Backplane Advanced-LTPS
Frontplane Advanced-SBS
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