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Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint patterns can now be recognized by developing technology to detect changes in capacitance due to the recesses and ridges of fingerprints, applying the LTPS backplane technology and touch panel technology of the liquid crystal display for smartphones.

Glass-based Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint Sensor formed on LTPS glass substrate

Fingerprint sensor formed on LTPS glass substrate

Glass-based Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor module

Glass-based capacitive
fingerprint sensor module

Glass-based Capacitive Fingerprint Sensors realize next era sensor goods, which will be replaced a part of current silicon-based sensors, with reasonable cost and flexible design due to transparency.

Capacitive-type Flexible Fingerprint Sensor

Capacitive-type flexible fingerprint sensor

Capacitive-type flexible fingerprint sensor

A very thin plastic, only several tens of microns thick, is used for the substrate on which the fingerprint sensor is formed, resulting in a flexible fingerprint sensor that is thin, lightweight, and that does not crack when bent.
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