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Environmental Management Organization

Environmental Management Organization

In FY2013, JDI's domestic sites acquired integrated ISO 14001 certification, through which we promote ongoing activities. Our environmental management organization consists of a structure with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Representative Director and Chairman as the Chief Executive for the Environment, and also comprises an Environmental Management Officer (CAO); Environmental Promotion Officer; and the Shinbashi, Western Japan, and Ebina R&D Centers, as well as manufacturing sites.

Our overseas manufacturing subsidiaries have individually acquired ISO 14001:2004 certification and have set up an environmental management organization, which promotes environmental activities. In the aim of integrating them with the environmental activities in Japan starting from FY2014 in particular, we are making efforts such as onsite visits to each overseas manufacturing subsidiary for mutual understanding of the activities and offering instructions for improvements, while also meeting periodically with each subsidiary to strengthen governance each other.

Schematic Diagram of Our Environmental Management Organization in Japan

Schematic Diagram of Our Environmental Management Organization in JapanOctober 2017

Under the Chief Executive for the Environment, the Environmental Management Officer, to whom responsibility and authority for environmental activities has been transferred, manages environmental activities. The Environmental Promotion Officer coordinates overall environmental activities for the head office, offices, and each area.

The Environmental Management Review, chaired by the Chief Executive for the Environment, is held once annually for an environmental management system review. The Environmental Promotion Committee, chaired by the Environmental Management Officer, meets twice annually. This committee, which includes regional environmental officers, is JDI's highest deliberative body for environmental activities.

The Eco Products Subcommittee, chaired by the Environmental Promotion Officer, meets twice annually and includes members from each business headquarters. They primarily engage in deliberations over issues such as notification of laws and regulations related to product-related environmental activities, management of the chemical substances contained in products, and registering and expanding environmentally conscious products.

The effectiveness of our environmental activities depends on our Internal Environmental Audit Team, which consists of certified auditors from within the company who objectively examines environmental activities. Moreover, we ask external third-party organizations to check that our system of environmental activities is compliant with ISO 14001 requirements, and we periodically confirm the results.

In FY2017, we are preparing to acquire ISO 14001:2015 certification.

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