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Environmentally Considered Products

Initiatives Related to Environmentally Conscious Products

Regarding the environmental performance of our products, we avoid biased assessments by considering the entire lifecycle of products, from raw material procurement to the disposal stage, and we numerically score each product on eight scales. These assessments are incorporated into the product development process so that all developed products are assessed. Products that score especially high on environmental performance are ranked as environmentally conscious products. By raising the ratio of environmentally conscious products within our lineup, we aim to comprehensively reduce the burden our products put on the environment. In FY2015, we raised this ratio to 96%. We will continue to develop environmentally conscious products in accordance with our environmental policy, and thus contribute to reducing the impact of our products on the environment.

Evaluation Criteria and Primary Evaluation Items

Example for determination of environmentally conscious products

Management System for Chemical Substances Contained in Products

Since April 1, 2013, we have been operating a system (jDesc*1) that links us with suppliers and helps us to manage the chemical content of products. Under this system, suppliers register a variety of data stipulated in our Green Procurement Guidelines. By the end of FY2015, data on about 10,000 procured items was registered in the system. Based on the final parts tables of JDI's products, this data allows us to confirm the absence of chemical substances in our products, or to tally up the amount of chemical substances contained in products. We will continue using this system effectively to make our management of product chemical content more thoroughgoing, as set forth in our environmental policy.
*1: JD Environmental information System for Chemical substance

Conceptual diagram of our management system for the chemical substances contained in products

Initiatives for Green Procurement

When it comes to our products, the JDI Group as a whole is carrying out the following measures to accommodate laws related to chemical substances in products, such as the RoHS Directive and REACH Regulations, as well as our customers' demands.

1. Enactment of the Green Procurement Guidelines

Our Green Procurement Guidelines were enacted based on trends in the laws of various countries pertaining to products obtained from the relevant groups. We ask that our clients comply with these as a reflection of the demands concerning chemical substances in products by our customers. These Green Procurement Guidelines are revised annually to ensure they appropriately reflect the legal trends related to chemical substances in products, and are disclosed on our website.

2. Managing Suppliers' Management Systems for the Chemical Substances in Products

We request that our suppliers' management systems for the chemical substances in products meet our standards based on the Guidelines for the Management of Chemical Substances in Products that are widely used by the electrical and electronics industry and other industries. In FY2015, we  finished confirming the chemical substance management status of our suppliers and their ISO14001 and ISO9001 acquisition status using a system that we developed in-house.

Japan Display Inc. Green Procurement Guidelines

Introduction of products with Environmental Consciousness

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