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Outline(As of April 1, 2014)


Company Name Japan Display Inc.
Business start April 1, 2012
capital 96.8billion yen
President and CEO Shuichi Otsuka
Employees 5,700 / 14,800 (consolidated)
Business Development, production and sale of small- and medium-sized display devices and related products
Headquarters 7-1, Nishi-shinbashi 3-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0003, Japan



Directors and Auditors

Representative Director and President Shuichi Otsuka  
Director Shuji Aruga  
Director (Part-time) Haruyasu Asakura Chief Operating Officer, Innovation Network Corporation of Japan
Director (Part-time) Koichiro Taniyama Executive Managing Director, Innovation Network Corporation of Japan
Director (Part-time) Yoshimitsu Kobayashi President & Chief Executive Officer, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation
Director (Part-time) Katsuhiko Shirai Chairperson, The Foundation for the Open University of Japan
Executive Adviser for Academic Affairs, Waseda University
Director (Part-time) Hiroshi Kanno Professor, Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy,
Hitotsubashi University
Auditor Kazuo Kawasaki  
Auditor(Part-time) Youichi Etou Lawyer
Auditor(Part-time) Toshiaki Kawashima Certified Public Accountant

Executive Officers

Chief Executive Officer Shuichi Otsuka
Chief Administrative Officer Takao Yasuda
Chief Business Officer Shuji Aruga
Chief Business Officer Yukihiro Sato
Chief Financial Officer Yasuhiro Nishi
Chief Manufacturing Officer Isao Fukui
Chief Procurement Officer Kazuaki Kumakura
Chief Quality Officer Hironori Kondo
Chief Sales Officer Hideya Sakaida
Chief Strategy Officer Hiroyuki Ohshima
Chief Technology Officer Yoneharu Takubo