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Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

To contribute to the realization of a prosperous society by delivering beauty and excitement to the world's people through leading-edge technology.

JDI aims to contribute to the enrichment of peoples' lifestyles and cultures by developing and delivering to the world beautiful displays which generate surprise and excitement using state of the art technology.


Let's create new value via Live Interface

The aim is to deliver an exciting Live Interface to people and have it become a living interface with people around the world, thereby creating new value.

Code of Conduct

1. Creation: Being creation professionals
Prioritize imagination and creativity, and create actual value from advanced ideas.
2. Challenge: Boldly taking on change
Set high goals and, even when there are difficulties, face them with all our power in a spirit of challenge.
3. Responsibility: Persisting with responsibility and tenacity
See decisions through to the end and do not give up.
4. Speed: Achieving speed
Commit to working in a speedy and timely manner.
5. Customer-driven: Planning and creating with the customer
The customer is the starting point for everything. We aim to think with the customer and create with the customer.
6. Fairness: Being open and fair
Act fairly and honestly with a high level of transparency.
7. Harmony: Contributing to the global environment and society
Implement corporate activity which aims to contribute to society and gives consideration to the global environment.
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