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Financial Graphs

On April 1, 2013, Japan Display Inc. (“former JDI”) was merged with its wholly-owned subsidiaries Japan Display East Inc. (“JDE”), Japan Display West Inc., Japan Display Central Inc., and Japan Display East Products, Co., Ltd. JDE was the surviving entity, and all other entities merged into JDE were dissolved after the merger. JDE subsequently changed its name to Japan Display, Inc. (“JDI”). The financial results for FY2012 noted above are the consolidated financial results of the pre-merger JDE, not the results of former JDI.

Quarterly Results

Net Sales
Quarters ended

Graph of Net Sales

Operating Income / Operating Margin
Quarters ended

Graph of Operating Income / Operating Margin

Net Income / Net Income Margin
Quarters ended

Graph of Net Income / Net Income Margin

Quarters ended

Graph of EBITDA / EBITDA Margin

* EBITDA = Operating profit + depreciation and amortization (operating) + amortization of goodwill
EBITDA Margin = EBITDA + net sales

Total Assets / Net Assets

Graph of Total Assets / Net Assets

Shareholders' Equity Ratio

Graph of Shareholders' Equity Ratio