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We at Japan Display Inc. are united in our efforts to solve societal and individual challenges by developing and providing displays based on our Global No.1 proprietary technologies. These efforts are aligned with our growth strategy METAGROWTH 2026, formulated in May 2022, which aims to create customer value and realize shareholder value growth.

In METAGROWTH 2026, we aim for a significant improvement in profitability and exponential growth by fostering six growth drivers that serve as the source of value creation. These include next-generation OLED eLEAP, high-speed backplane HMO, Metaverse, AutoTech, Rælclear, as well as new technologies, products, and businesses. Through these efforts, we strive to move away from excessive competition and commoditization.

Among these, eLEAP stands out. It is a groundbreaking OLED that forms pixels using a method combining maskless vapor deposition and photolithography, a mass-production technology we were the first to establish worldwide. Compared to existing OLEDs, eLEAP dramatically improves peak brightness, lifespan, and power consumption. Additionally, it is a green technology capable of significantly reducing the amount of organic materials used and CO2 emitted during production, while also allowing for reduced production costs. We are confident that eLEAP will greatly contribute to the advancement of display devices and our company's growth. We plan to start mass production at our Mobara Fab in the second half of fiscal 2024 and continue our efforts to spread this technology globally.

Display technology is fundamental to modern society. We are committed to maximizing shareholder value by redoubling our efforts to develop and provide displays which are essential for societal progress.

Scott Callon Chairman, CEO, & Representative Executive Officer
Scott Callon
Chairman, CEO, & Representative Executive Officer

February, 2024
Chairman, CEO, & Representative Executive Officer

Scott Callon