• Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Intellectual Property

Contribution to Value Creation

Enhance corporate value through efforts to create innovation, including the development of cutting-edge displays in support of digital transformation and environmentally friendly GreenTech, and through the protection and utilization of intellectual property.


  • To maximize customer value through intellectual-property-driven technology leadership
  • To create innovation and incubate competitive new businesses
  • To grow corporate value through the proactive use of intellectual property

FY2022 Main Initiatives

  • Solidify intellectual property portfolio to protect cutting-edge proprietary technologies in both the display and new business fields
  • Accelerate innovation through the active use of industry-academia and industry-industry collaboration
  • Maximize value of intellectual property through use of both open and closed strategies

FY2022 Results

Number of Patents (including Utility Model/Design) held (as of March 2023)

Domestic : 3,329
Overseas : 8,400

Number of Patent (including Utility Model/Design) Applications

Domestic : 562
Overseas : 657