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LumiFree is an innovative liquid crystal device that allows for the free control of the light distribution characteristics of luminaries. It is a unique, two-axis-independent light distribution control device made possible through JDI's deep liquid crystal expertise. Lighting fixtures incorporating LumiFree bring unprecedented value.


Appropriate time, appropriate place, appropriate light.

LumiFree enables the delivery "the right amount of light at the right place at the right time., in the necessary place". By solving light pollution, it contributes to a sustainable society.

One device can handle multiple scenes

Even in scenes where multiple lighting fixtures were needed, optimal lighting can be achieved with just one device. With LumiFree, one lighting fixture can handle scenes that require various light distributions.


Enhancement of spatial value through light.

It is possible to change the light distribution silently and quickly. By utilizing the unprecedented characteristic of variable light distribution, we create new value in spaces where lighting is used.

The various light distribution shapes such as lines and ellipses created by LumiFree enable lighting fixtures that can freely control the illumination range of light.

レントゲン診断用高品位モニター レントゲン診断用高品位モニター

Please also take a look at the following concept video and demonstration.

LumiFree Operating Principle

In addition to developing a new liquid crystal material, JDI realized an optimum structure for light distribution control by utilizing various technologies originally developed for use in liquid crystal displays.

LumiFree Operating Principle LumiFree Operating Principle

The light distribution characteristics are changed by electrically controlling the liquid crystal and diffusing the light passing through the LumiFree panel.
Since light distribution cannot be narrowed (squeezed), LumiFree should be used in combination with a light source with a narrow light distribution angle.

LumiFree Operating Principle
LumiFree Operating Principle

LumiFree Technical Information

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LumiFree-equipped Products

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