• LC Meta-Surface reflector

LC Meta-Surface reflector LC Meta-Surface reflector
LC Meta-Surface reflector LC Meta-Surface reflector

The liquid crystal metasurface reflector is a communication device for 5G (5th generation mobile communication system) that applies the liquid crystal technology we have cultivated to the world of radio waves. By reflecting millimeter waves (radio waves with frequencies of 30-300GHz), which enable large-capacity communication, in any direction, it improves the communication environment in areas where radio waves are difficult to reach, such as behind buildings.

LC Meta-Surface reflector

5G millimeter waves have a higher frequency than radio waves from 4G and before, so they have properties similar to light and are easily shadowed by buildings and trees. The meta-surface reflector can utilize our liquid crystal display manufacturing technology, making it possible to expand coverage at a lower cost than adding base stations. Furthermore, beamforming technology, which electrically controls the reflection phase of radio waves, can respond to temporal changes in human flow, such as day and night.
JDI is applying its deep expertise in liquid crystal technology to communication devices to contribute to the realization of next-generation communication systems.
< Applications > Outdoor use for carrier 5G, indoor use for local 5G, etc.

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