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JDI believes that the fundamental purpose of a company is to contribute to society. We have thus positioned sustainability management at the core of our business strategy, steadfastly committing to management that contributes to a sustainable society. In our pursuit of social contribution, we are working to solve societal challenges throughout all of our business activities, while working for sustainable growth in shareholder and stakeholder value. 


Scott Callon Chairman, CEO, & Representative Executive Officer
Scott Callon
Chairman, CEO, & Representative Executive Officer

Materiality Focus

To fulfill our corporate mission of solving social problems and creating social value, we have identified focusing on the most material issues as a key priority. After repeated discussion and review, we are identifying and addressing the most material issues intrinsic to our business in their order of importance to our stakeholders. We have begun setting targets and plan to disclose information on achievement with respect to these targets annually. We believe that by focusing on the most material issues, we can contribute to JDI’s sustainable growth and strengthen our relationships with all of our stakeholders. 

Developing Human Capital

JDI is working to solve critical societal problems globally with our Global No. 1 technologies. In pursuit of this goal, we must deploy JDI’s unique technological capabilities and think beyond displays. We are challenging ourselves to create new value for our customers and society and contribute to a better future for all. The strategic and systematic development of JDI’s human capital is critical to achieving this goal. As training and strengthening our engineering talent is a particularly urgent task, we are increasing the hiring of new graduates. 

Sustainability and Decarbonization

Protecting our shared global environment is critically important. As such, we have adopted a group-wide environmental policy to strengthen our commitment to achieving our key environmental protection goals. Our environmental protection efforts are also critical to our sustainability as a company. To this end, we not only comply with laws and regulations and respond to environmental requests from customers and stakeholders, we also make every effort to eliminate negative environmental outcomes in both our manufacturing processes and our products themselves. 
In addition, we recognize climate change as a critical issue to be addressed by us as a company. We have thus integrated measures to address medium- and long-term risks and opportunities into our business planning based on the TCFD recommendations. This proactive approach extends to our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, for which we have set medium- and long-term targets, with the aim of achieving SBT certification over the next few years. 

Corporate Governance and Sound Business Practices

We believe that good corporate governance increases shareholder and stakeholder value. JDI thus deploys the company with committees governance structure, in which supervisory and business execution functions are separated to generate more agile and responsive decision making within a framework of truly independent supervision. We are also continuing to strengthen internal controls, implementing initiatives aimed at fostering compliance awareness among employees, and promoting awareness of internal reporting systems. We promise to always protect the human rights of our employees and contribute to our local communities, going beyond the scope of normal business activities while strengthening our business practices to earn society’s trust. 

We appreciate your continuing support.


February 29, 2024
Chairman, CEO,
& Representative Executive Officer

Scott Callon