• Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion Diversity & Inclusion

Creating a Strong Organization by Bringing Together Diverse Individual Strengths

Based on the JDI Code of Ethics, JDI respects the human rights and diversity of each and every employee, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, race, ethnicity, ideology, or beliefs, in all aspects of employment and treatment, and creates a work environment where employees can work creatively and efficiently while ensuring their health and safety. In addition, to enable diverse human resources to maximize their full potential, JDI treats and evaluate our employees in a fair and balanced manner, which leads to improved organizational performance and productivity, and we promote initiatives to utilize employee diversity in the creation of new businesses and in decisive decision-making.

Initiatives for Women's Empowerment

JDI is actively promoting the empowerment of women. While we acknowledge the longstanding issue of a low proportion of female employees, the ratio of female workers to all hired workers, which was 8.8% in fiscal 2015, has recently averaged over 20%. Furthermore, in October 2021, we set a new goal to increase the percentage of female managers, which was 1.8% as of fiscal 2021, to 3.8% by April 2026, and will continue to promote the active participation of women.

Return Entry System

Return Entry System

JDI supports employees who have had to resign due to circumstances such as childbirth, child-rearing, caregiving, marriage, or spouse's relocation, regardless of their intention to work, to rejoin the company.
This is also available for male employees.

Eruboshi Certified Company

Eruboshi Certified Company

Since 2017, JDI has been recognized under the "Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace" and has received the "Eruboshi" certification, which is awarded to companies that promote the active participation of women. We have positioned the promotion of women's active participation as a priority issue in human resource development and utilization, and we are committed to creating an organization and workplace where women can demonstrate their abilities.

Proportion of Women Managers

(Unit: %)

2020/3 2021/3 2022/3
1.8% 1.8% 1.7%

The proportion of female workers among the workers hired (employment management category)

(FY2022 Actual)

2020 2021 2022
Number of newly recruited regular employees 10 4 14
Number of female employees Number of employees 3 0 3
Proportion 30% 0% 21.4%

Work-Life Balance Support for Childcare/Nursing Care

In addition to numerous programs to help employees balance work and childcare, and work and nursing care, our cafeteria plan type benefit program allows employees to choose from a menu of support for childcare and nursing care, enabling them to receive various types of support according to their needs. Please refer to the following for details of major support and systems.

  • Shortened Working Hours for Childcare

    This system allows employees who are raising a child until the child graduates from elementary school to reduce their scheduled working hours to 4, 5, 6, or 7 hours.

  • Paternity Leave Support

    In addition to maternity leave for spouses (a total of five days), we have created an environment in which male employees can easily take childcare leave by encouraging them to take childcare leave by confirming their intention to take childcare leave.

  • Nursing Care Leave

    This is a leave system that allows employees to take up to five days per year in increments of one day or half a day to care for a family member in need.

  • Unlicensed Childcare / Extended Childcare Subsidy

    There are systems that provide subsidies for those who are unable to send their children to a licensed nursery school and send them to an unlicensed nursery school, or for those who are unable to pick up their children during nursery school hours due to work duties.

Respecting Diversity

Diversity Literacy

Diversity Literacy

JDI is committed to improving employee literacy through diversity management education for managers, unconscious bias and human rights/harassment prevention education for all employees, and various information disseminations on diversity led by factory bases.

Global Human Capital

Global Human Capital

JDI continues to recruit talents regardless of nationality, and in recent years, more than 10% of new hires have been foreign employees on average. We once had set up a prayer room when needed from employees who require religious consideration, we create a comfortable working environment

Promotion of Senior Human Capital

Promotion of Senior Human Capital

In order to enable employees who have chosen to extend their employment to continue working with enthusiasm, JDI has included re-employed employees in our Management by Objectives system(MBO) from the fiscal year 2023. Furthermore, welfare benefits such as cafeteria plans are also included, and JDI is committed to creating an environment where employees can continue to work with a good work-life balance even after extending their employment.

Mid‐Career Recruitment

Mid‐Career Recruitment

JDI has a culture where everyone, regardless of whether they are new graduates or mid-career hires, can take on new challenges and thrive. There are numerous instances where employees who joined the company through mid-career recruitment have been promoted to managerial and executive positions and are actively contributing.