• Fingerprint sensor

Fingerprint sensor Fingerprint sensor

Future fingerprint authentication. High security and design flexibility.

Fingerprint sensor Fingerprint sensor

As one form of custom-designed substrates such as TFT, we apply our advanced semiconductor and TFT technology to implement sensor substrates on fingerprint sensor devices. By using a large mother glass board, it is possible to achieve a large area that is difficult with existing silicon products, and we adopt a high-definition TFT active matrix using display technology.


High security performance certified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) under Personal Identity Verification (PIV)

Over 160 companies worldwide, with approximately 1,000 fingerprint sensor products, have received PIV certification from the FBI. This certification ensures that the fingerprint images captured by the sensor are of high quality, demonstrating high security performance.

Support for a wide range of size variations, such as FAP10, FAP20, FAP30, etc

Considering environments where law enforcement and security are crucial, we can accommodate with design flexibility for the devices being used (device standards FAP10, 20, 30, etc.).


Application Example

ご使用例 住宅用

For Residential Use


For Entry Security Use


For Gym Equipment Use

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