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Tactile Sensors Tactile Sensors
Tactile Sensors Tactile Sensors

Tactile sensors enable the real-time measurement and visualization of pressure distribution applied within a plane. The active-matrix technology facilitated by Thin Film Transistor (TFT) allows individual pixel control, suppressing crosstalk from adjacent pixels due to leakage current and achieving high resolution. Moreover, since the sensor part can be made of thin, lightweight, flexible sheet material, it can also be used in a bent state to conform to curved surfaces. By altering the material of the conductive pressure-sensitive layer on the TFT array, the tactile sensors can handle a wide pressure sensing range from 0.01MPa to 4MPa. This technology finds applications in various fields such as motion analysis in sports and rehabilitation, providing tactile feedback to robots, and inspections in manufacturing sites.

Tactile Sensors

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