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PersonalTech for a Better World

JDI believes that with novel ideas and a limitless drive for better technology JDI can build a world where people can thrive. With JDI’s wide range of products, JDI can improve the lived experiences of people around the world.

PersonalTech for a Better World

Sustainability management

JDI Sustainability Policy

JDI’s mission is “PersonalTech For A Better World.” We believe that people, society, and the world being healthy are fundamental to achieving our mission.

(1)Compliance with JDI Ethics
JDI has established a code of ethics, JDI Ethics, and seek compliance to it from all employees in order to ensure ethical management and support people, society, and the world being healthy. JDI Ethics is the foundation for all of JDI’s activities. JDI Ethics calls for respecting human rights, maintaining and improving the workplace environment, working for global environmental protection, maintaining good relationships with local communities, avoiding actions that are inappropriate and in conflict with socially-accepted norms, and acting sincerely in accordance with sound public morals.

(2)Co-Existence and Co-Creation with All Stakeholders
JDI strives to co-create social value and maintain good relationships with all stakeholders, including society broadly, customers and business partners, competitors, shareholders and investors, and employees.

(3)Sustainable Growth
Based on the above policies, JDI works to generate sustainable growth as a company by contributing to the achievement of fully-realized and prosperous societies, reducing the environmental load across the supply chain, supporting the success of local communities and society, and carrying out effective governance.

Organization and Structures for Sustainability

We have established multiple committees and management systems related to the environment, society, and governance, such as an environmental management system and compliance committee, to address ESG issues. Each committee and management system provide reports to the Board of Directors in a timely and appropriate manner. We have also established a sustainability department to carry out initiatives for the realization of a sustainable society and improve longterm corporate value. The sustainability department cooperates with each committee and management system to oversee ESG initiatives carried out by each department and promote company-wide initiatives. The sustainability department provides reports on overall sustainability activities to the Board of Directors. In addition to above mentioned initiatives, we are working on the development of proprietary technologies and creation of new businesses to solve social issues through business activities.

Organization and Structures for Sustainability
Human Rights Human Resource Development Labor Practices, Safety, and Health  Environment Fair Operating Practices, Ethics Value Creation
Compliance Committee
Safety and Health Management System
Environmental Management System
(ISO 14001)
Safety and Health Management System (ISO9001/IATF16949)
Human Resource Management
Supply Chain Management
Solving social issues through business activities


To realize future value for all stakeholders, JDI has identified materiality as issues to be addressed by JDI and its group companies. By working on each of the materiality issues, we will create customer and societal value as a company essential to social development and promote our sustainable growth.

JDI’s Materiality

"JDI has identified its major challenges from the perspective of the degree of importance in the context of JDI’s risks and opportunities, as well as in the context of its stakeholders, taking into account the demands of society such as international guidelines and initiatives, and then identified major challenges to be addressed and reported them to the Board of Directors."

Approach to Determining Materiality

Approach to Determing Materiality

With regard to human capital, an aspect of materiality, we will promote the maximization of the value of each employee through various initiatives, as well as ensuring the diversity of the workforce in order to improve employee engagement and build an organization that will continue to create new value. Regarding the response to climate change, we have started to work on climaterelated scenario analysis, risk and opportunity selection, financial impact assessment in accordance with TCFD recommendations, and accelerated initiatives aimed at realizing a decarbonized society.

Materiality, Important Initiative Items, and Related SDGs

Category Materiality Important Initiative Item SDGs Initiatives
Creating Value and Solving Social Issues Through Business Activities Developing and Delivering Proprietary Technologies to Solve Social and Human Problems
  • We will develop products/technologies that contribute to solving societal problems, such as Rælclear, a transparent interface that facilitates communication. between people, and develop them as new businesses
  • We will create customer value by leveraging our Global No.1 technologies.
Solving Environmental Issues with GreenTech
  • We will reduce our environmental impact through the global development of various technologies such as eLEAP, a next-generation OLED with superior environmental performance; HMO, an ultra-low power backplane technology; and LumiFree, a free lighting technology that helps reduce energy consumption.
Strengthening Management Base Building a Sustainable Supply Chain
  • In addition to product quality, cost and delivery, we select business partners based on their commitment to sustainability, including human rights and the environment.
  • We distribute our Sustainability Promotion Guidebook to business partners, ask them to adhere to it, and ask them to self-audit using the Sustainability Self-Audit Sheet to confirm their compliance status.
Ensuring Compliance
  • To become a trustworthy company, we will act in accordance with social norms and business ethics, and comply with laws and regulations.
  • To strengthen compliance, we will conduct compliance training, issue a compliance newsletter, and provide compliance-related hazard prediction training.
Strengthening Risk Management
  • We will minimize losses from the occurrence of risks that could have a significant impact on our business by appropriately managing and assessing the eight risk areas related to our business and taking proactive measures according to their severity.
Human Capital Securing and Developing Talented Employees
  • We will secure engineers who will continue to disseminate our global No. 1 technologies and excellent human resources who can support our businesses.
  • We will develop human resources by providing various types of employee training, as well as training that enables managers to strengthen their management skills.
Recruiting for Diversity
  • Respecting the human rights of each employee, we will create a work environment that accommodates diverse work styles and enables employees with different backgrounds to realize their full potential and pursue new ideas and value creation.
  • We will support diverse work styles by implementing a work-from-home system, an annual leave system with hourly increments, and a working hour interval system.
Environment Responding to Climate Change
  • We will implement appropriate measures to address the risks and opportunities identified based on the results of the scenario analysis, in accordance with the recommendations of the TCFD. See page 33 for details of our scenario analysis.