• Relationship with Society

Relationship with Society Relationship with Society

In JDI Ethics, JDI defines its relationship with society as reproduced below. Through thorough and consistent compliance across the following seven areas, JDI is working to become a company trusted by society as a good corporate citizen.

  • We will sincerely engage in protecting the global environment.
  • We will perform our corporate activities with high ethical standards.
  • We will maintain respectful and amicable relationships with local communities.
  • We will not interact with anti-social organizations.
  • We will only make donations and political contributions in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • We will comply with all import and export laws.
  • We will be committed to the protection of personal information.

Social Contribution Activities

JDI carries out a wide range of social contribution activities at domestic sites and global subsidiaries.

Relationship with Society 2022

In fiscal 2022, as a measure to prevent COVID-19 infection and due to geopolitical challenges, JDI continued to limit and scale back social contribution activities in countries and regions around the world; however, the following activities were successfully carried out.
The new activity that characterized fiscal year 2022 was humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

Site Activity Details Date Reference
Japan Head-quarters Ukrainian Refugee Assistance
Donation of Transparent
Interface Rælclear
April 2022 Shirakawa City and 4 Towns and Villages in Nishishirakawa District, Fukushima Prefecture
July 2022 Tsukubamirai City, Joso City, Moriya City, Bando City, Ibaraki Prefecture
July 2022 Ukraine Embassy in Japan
December 2022 Shizuoka Prefecture
Mobara Fab
(JDI Mfg. Campus)
Fab Neighborhood Cleanup September 2022 Voluntary Activity
Provided location for fire ladder truck exercises November 2022 Chosei area Fire Department, Chiba Prefecture
Blood Drive December 2022 Host: Chiba Red Cross Blood Center, Japanese Red Cross Society
Fab Neighborhood Cleanup February 2023 Voluntary Activity
Tottori Fab Blood Drive May 2022 Host: Blood Center, Japanese Red Cross Hospital
Fab Neighborhood Cleanup May, June, July, September, and October 2022 Voluntary Activity
Zero Ocean Trash June and September 2022 Host: Umi-to-Nippon Project, The Nippon Foundation
Event for Selling Products Created at Welfare Centers July 2022 Sales event of bread, cakes, etc. made by people from welfare facilities
Volunteer Weeding Activities in the Tottori Sand Dunes July, August and November of 2022 Host: Tottori Prefecture
Acceptance of corporate trainees October 2022 Host: Kurayoshi Campus, Tottori Prefectural Industry Personnel Training Center
Acceptance of company tours December 2022, January and March 2023 Tottori Prefectural School for the Visually Impaired, Tottori University School for Children with Special Needs, etc.
Nursing Practice February 2023 Tottori City College of Medical Health and Nursing
Ishikawa Fab Occupational Health Nursing Internships (WEB) April to June 2022 Ishikawa Prefectural Nursing University
Higashi-ura Fab Fab Neighborhood Cleanup October 2022 Voluntary Activity
Blood Drive December 2022 Host: Higashiura-cho Blood Drive Promotion Council
China JDI China Volunteer Activities During Shanghai Lockdown March to June 2022 Support for Neighborhood Residents, Elderly People, Local Governments, etc.
U.S. JDI Display America Promoted Blood Drive Participation April 2022
Encouraged Participation in Community Social Contribution Activities August to December 2022 Back to school Dirve, Halloween Custume Drive, etc.
Germany JDI Europe Fund-raising and Donation for Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine April 2022 Donation of €10,000 to the support group, Aktion Deutschland Hilft.
Philippines Nanox Philippines Donating First Aid Kits to Elementar Schools, Planting Trees, and Directing Firefighting Training December 2022
Donation of School Supplies to Elementary Schools February 2023 Donation of Printers, Whiteboard Markers, etc. to four Elementary Schools

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Ukrainian Displaced People Assistance Activities

As part of the activities to support Ukrainian displaced persons, Ichigo Asset Management, Ltd. and JDI jointly donated the transparent interface Rælclear, which can be used as a two-way translation monitor, to the communities that had received Ukrainian displaced persons as one of the solutions to overcome the language barrier that these communities faced in accepting them.
This is one of the examples in which a product equipped with JDI’s technology has made a concrete social contribution.
In Europe (Germany), donations from JDIE employees and JDI’s matching gift system were utilized to donate €10,000 to the support group, Aktion Deutschland Hilft.

Ukrainian Displaced People Assistance Activities

Nanox Philippines 

Nanox Philippines Inc., JDI’s manufacturing subsidiary, actively engages in social contribution activities every year.
In fiscal 2022, Nanox donated personal disaster response kits to all 113 children at a nearby elementary school and provided guidance and support for tree planting and firefighting drills on December 2.
In February 2023, they also donated office equipment, including printers, whiteboard markers and chalk, and COVID-19 supplies, including masks and rubbing alcohol, to four nearby elementary schools.

NXP (Philippines)