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Ecosystem Conservation

Ecosystem Conservation Activities

“Sozo-no-Mori” has continued to grow over two decades from a small wooded grove into a forest. Many native species of tree grow in the forest which is a place where everyone can enjoy watching the seasonal changes. In addition, the Sozo-no-Mori is a soothing place with paths, small hills and other natural features.
The Mobara plant has even set up “Hotaru-gawa Creek” and “Koi Pond” as two artificial features on its premises. Fireflies thrive in the Hotaru-gawa Creek where people can see dozens flying about in the latter half of May every year. JDI will continue to engage in neighborhood cleanup and water quality management in order to maintain the ecosystem.

SOZO-no-Mori (Ishikawa Plant) Hotaru-gawa Creek and Koi Pond (Mobara Plant) Fireflies by Hotaru-gawa Creek
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