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CEO  Message

Thank you very much for your continued support of Japan Display Inc.

JDI has marked a new start as a result of fund procurement from Ichigo Trust in March 2020.

In addition, although the negative effects of the novel coronavirus crisis on our current business operations are unavoidable, while prioritizing employee safety, I view the change in the market as a new business opportunity and will guide management aiming for our company to coexist with the future post-COVID-19 society.

Rebuilding a sustainable corporate base

As a leading manufacturer of displays that interface people and the world, we develop, design, and manufacture cutting-edge products and deliver them to the global market.

In order to realize our corporate philosophy and to achieve sustainable growth, we aim to further strengthen our business competitiveness by investing management resources in our core competency, LTPS (low temperature poly silicon) technology, and through its evolution. Aiming to rebuild our revenue base, in addition, we will strive to optimize assets, strengthen cost competitiveness by achieving the level of performance customers truly demand, and secure a stable product supply network by diversifying our supply chain.

Furthermore, while continuing strengthening high value-added technologies in the growing non-mobile business markets, including in-vehicle equipment, wearables, VR, and specialized industrial equipment, our efforts such as applying technology cultivated in our display business to sensors in the health care field will lead to further business growth.

Toward realizing a virtuous cycle of environment and growth

JDI is continuously improving its environmental activities, paying more attention to the relationship between its business plan and management, as well as its strategic directions, which are in accord with the Environmental Management System Standard, ISO 14001 (2015 version). We are also promoting ongoing improvements by incorporating responses to survey items by a third-party assessment institution (CDP), etc.

In recent years, efforts such as those directed at ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) and SDGs (sustainable development goals to be achieved by 2030, as summarized by the United Nations in 2015, such as the eradication of hunger and measures against global warming) are rapidly expanding. In addition to promoting future business, our company is contributing to the realization of SDGs.

As a foundation of our business operations, we comply with laws and regulations and respond to demands from customers and various stakeholders regarding environmental issues. We strive to prevent production- or product-related incidents to create a sustainable environment.

In product-related areas, we have established and implemented development processes aimed at providing products that meet environmental requirements, such as the management of chemical substances contained in our products and the design of environmentally conscious products, and are working to meet various regulations and customer requirements.

As environmental initiatives are extremely important issues for our company, we would put forth the environmental policies shared across our group, strive to achieve environmental goals for key topics and strengthen our initiatives aimed at environmental issues, work to decrease the environmental load, and, to improve our corporate value, will push forward with both business activities and environmental activities.

The future of JDI

We can provide various values by strategically utilizing an abundance of IP (intellectual property) and combining our strong backplane technology with its advancement together with frontplane technology. In addition to biometric sensors empowered by the backplane technology cultivated from our display business, and high image quality and low power consumption suitable for medical settings, we aim to develop applications of our core technologies, including non-contact sensing displays.

Focusing on a post-COVID-19 world, we will apply a number of technologies, such as next-generation sensors, which serve as important pillars of our future growth strategy, and we will enter the advanced medical care and health care fields, capturing market positions in business fields that lie beyond the conventional display field.

For our stakeholders

Regarding our inappropriate accounting process in the past, we take the points indicated by a third-party committee seriously and shift from a company with a board of corporate auditors to one with a nominating committee, etc. to ensure transparency in management and fairness. We will also strive to improve and strengthen internal control, and do our best to regain the trust from our stakeholders and to enhance corporate value.

In addition to creating a level of brand value that meets customer expectations and further improvement of our highly-acclaimed technical capabilities, we aim to increase our trust as a supplier and become an indispensable partner for our customers by achieving business recovery, etc.

We believe that it is important to communicate with local communities in order to continue our business activities. Therefore, we are engaged in various social contribution activities, such as activities through which we contribute to the local communities where our business sites are located.

While respecting the human rights of each employee as well as diversity, we promote the creation of a comfortable work environment that protects the health of our employees. We are also working on work style reforms aimed at promoting diverse work styles.

Issuing of CSR Reports

We have been issuing annual environmental reports since 2012. From this year, it will take the form of the "CSR Report," which will include society-related information and other data. We believe that this report is one of the important means available for us to improve communication with everyone. Your honest opinions and impressions are always appreciated.

We appreciate your continuing support.

  • January 1, 2021
  • Scott Callon
  • Chairman, CEO, & Representative Executive Officer
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