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CEO Message

Scott Callon
Chairman, CEO, 
& Representative Executive Officer

We would like to express our deepest sympathy to all those globally who have suffered from Covid-19, along with our sincere wishes for a speedy recovery.

In January 2021 we adopted a new management structure to accelerate fundamental changes in how we run our business and better serve our customers.

Covid’s impact of on our business is inevitable. However, the resulting changes also create new business opportunities. We are running our business to prosper in a post-Covid world.

We are also fully incorporating the input from the third - party committee that we established to review our past improper accounting treatments, and are working to strengthen internal controls through the activities of our new Governance Improvement Committee. We are committed to restoring trust from our stakeholders and growing shareholder value.

In March 2020, we formed a capital alliance with Ichigo Trust, and I became Chairman and Representative Director. In April, we established a Governance Improvement Committee to prevent the recurrence of inappropriate accounting treatments that had occurred in past fiscal years’ financial results and rectify deficiencies in our internal controls. With shareholder approval at our AGM in August, we transitioned to a stronger governance structure with a majority of Independent Directors providing board oversight within a new Nominating, Compensation, and Audit Committee structure. In January of this year, we introduced a new management structure to further accelerate change, strengthen our governance, and better serve our shareholders and stakeholders.

We are a display manufacturer with advanced technological capabilities, supplying to our customers globally displays for smartphones, automobiles, consumer products, and medical and industrial equipment. We are a global leader in automotive displays due to our high reliability and functionality and long track record of secure product delivery to our customers. Our Ultra High Definition VR displays and low power consumption wearable device displays are other examples of products which consistently receive high customer acclaim.

My job as Chairman and CEO is to support all of our employees globally to make full use of our capabilities - human resources, technology, products, and financial resources. We are rebuilding JDI as a developer of game-changing technologies and one-of-a-kind products rooted in our rich IP (intellectual property) resources. Speed is of the essence - we are moving quickly and delegating authority to get things done.

At JDI we want to create a better world, one rich in opportunity for all. We are empowering each and every JDI member globally to welcome challenge, bring fresh perspectives to solving customer problems, and drive world-changing technological innovation. We are committed to contributing to a sustainable society and a safe and secure post-Covid new normal.

Thank you very much for your continued support. It is an honor and a privilege to serve you.

January 1, 2021

Chairman, CEO, 
& Representative Executive Officer
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