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(As of June 24, 2023)


Company Name Japan Display Inc.
Business Start April 1, 2012
Capital 100 million yen
Employees 4,776 (consolidated, as of March 31, 2023)
Research, development, manufacture and sales of display devices and related products and parts.
Planning, research, development, design, manufacture, sales, maintenance, rental, leasing and providing related solution services of electrical equipment, electronic devices, software, etc.
Information collection services, information analysis services and information provision services including biometric information measurement using electronic technology.
Any and all other activities ancillary to the above items.
Headquarters 7-1, Nishi-shinbashi 3-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0003, Japan




Director Scott Callon Chairman, Board of Directors  
Chairman, Nomination Committee
Chairman, Compensation Committee
Chairman, Representative Executive Officer
Director Toshihiro Ueki Chairman, Audit Committee  
Outside Director Ryosuke Kuwada Member, Nomination Committee President and Representative Director,
Project Far East Corporation
Member, Compensation Committee Outside Director, RS Technologies Co., Ltd.
Outside Director Tamane Ozeki Member, Nomination Committee Associate Professor, Graduate School
of Urban Management,
Osaka Metropolitan University
Member, Compensation Committee Advisor, Stem Cell & Device
Laboratory, Inc.(SCAD)
Outside Director Nobuyuki Nakano Member, Audit Committee CEO, CBO, Kyulux, Inc.
Outside Director Shiho Ito Member, Audit Committee  

Executive Officers

Chairman, Representative Executive Officer Scott Callon Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Corporate Officers

Corporate Officer Kazutaka Nagaoka Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)
Corporate Officer Yasushi Shimogaichi Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)
Corporate Officer Yoshiharu Nakajima Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Corporate Officer Haruhiko Sakaguchi Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Corporate Officer Kazuya Iizuka Head of InfiniTech Business Unit
Corporate Officer Seiichi Fukunaga Head of AutoTech Business Unit
Corporate Officer Koichiro Miyata General Legal Counsel
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