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Quality Assurance

In order to provide our customers with trouble free, reliable products and services based on our Quality Policy, we have established a quality management system. All departments involved in planning, design, manufacturing, sales, and service cooperate with each other as we promote quality assurance activities.
In our quality management system, the PDCA (Plan, Do,Check, Action) cycle is implemented and continuously improved, and not only our company but also many of our business partners cooperate in quality management efforts to ensure product quality. We have also enhanced our customer support system so that customers can use our products with peace of mind. Customer feedback is always focused on and analyzed in order to make further improvement.

Quality policy

  1. 1.To provide satisfying quality to customers in accordance with Our Mission.
  2. 2.To be responsible for our quality, act with speed and honesty, and make further improvements.
  3. 3.To be compliant to requirements and continually improve the quality management system.
Product durability evaluation

Product reliability testing lab - Product durability evaluation

Physical analysis

Advanced analysis techniques - Physical analysis

Optical evaluation

Advanced analysis techniques - Optical evaluation

Aging inspection

Aging inspection during the manufacturing process

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