About JDI

When was Japan Display Inc. (JDI) established?
We commenced operations on April 1, 2012 after the merger of Sony Mobile Display, Toshiba Mobile Display and Hitachi Displays ? three Japanese manufacturers of small- and medium-sized displays.
What are the unique characteristics of JDI?

JDI was created through the merger of three companies with outstanding technical capabilities. That enables us to develop products integrating the unique technological characteristics of each of those companies.
We are the world’s top manufacturer, by revenue and production capacity*, of LTPS displays, which offer high resolution and low power consumption.

* Source: NPD DisplaySearch, January 2014

In what types of applications are JDI’s products used?

As a manufacturer of small- and medium-sized displays, we provide products for a wide variety of electronic devices.
Among the most prominent applications are:

  • Smartphones and Tablets
    We provide high-resolution displays with a wide viewing angle, narrow border and thin form factor for use in mobile devices.
  • Automotive Electronics
    We provide displays used in various in-vehicle systems such as instrument clusters, which provide speed, fuel and other types of information to drivers; head-up displays (HUDs); center information displays (CIDs) with navigation information, and mirrors.
  • Digital Cameras
    For digital cameras, we provide high-resolution, high-brightness displays that offer clear images even under bright sunlight.
  • Medical Applications
    We provide displays for use in CT and MRI scanners, mammography systems and other types of medical diagnostic imaging devices.
When did JDI go public?
We listed our shares on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange on March 19, 2014.
Where are JDI’s business locations?
Please click here for information on our domestic business locations.
Please click here for information on our overseas business locations.


What is JDI’s securities code and what exchange is it listed on?
JDI’s securities code is “6740” and the company is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
How many shares constitute a trading unit?
One trading unit consists of 100 shares. Share purchases are made in 100 share blocks.
When is the general meeting of shareholders held?
The ordinary general meeting of shareholders is held in June of each year.
Where can I view the general shareholders' meeting notice?
The notice of the general meeting of shareholders can be viewed here.
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