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Information Disclosure Policies

(revised on October 14, 2015)

1. Basic Policy

Japan Display Inc. recognizes information disclosure as an important management responsibility and conducts public relations and investor relations activities that emphasize fairness and transparency to earn the trust of stakeholders and promote responsible management. As a publicly listed company, we make swift, accurate and fair disclosures of company information important for investment decision making, and engage in activities that promote better understanding and appropriate evaluations of our company.

2. Information Disclosure Standards

In accordance with the timely disclosure provisions of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, various other laws and regulations, and the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Securities Listing Regulations (collectively referred to as “timely disclosure provisions” below), we engage in information disclosure that is swift, accurate and fair. Furthermore, even when not required, we endeavor to make disclosures that are as proactive and fair as possible when the information at hand would be useful for promoting understanding of our company. We do not disclose personal information, customer information, or information the disclosure of which would violate the rights of related parties.

3. Information Disclosure Methods

  1. (1)The Investor Relations Department (the IR Dept.), which is responsible for information disclosure to and dialogue with shareholders and investors, discusses our handling of disclosures in cooperation with Representative Directors (CEO, COO), CFO and/or relevant sections.
  2. (2)Information items that qualify as important facts under timely disclosure provisions and information that could conceivably have substantial impacts on investment decisions are disclosed via the Tokyo Stock Exchange's Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) and then immediately provided to the news media and posted on this website. Other information is publicized in advertisements, released through the issuance of various types of printed materials, announced in press conferences or briefings or disclosed through other appropriate means depending on the nature of the content.
  3. (3)We appropriately respond to the requests from shareholders and investors to engage in dialogue. Representative Directors (CEO, COO), CFO, Executive Officers and/or members of the IR Dept. participate in such meetings depending on the contents and methods of dialogue, or the attribute of participants.
  4. (4)The IR Dept. proactively cooperates with the relevant departments in preparing and reviewing disclosure items and sharing useful information in order to facilitate constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors.
  5. (5)Shareholders' or investors' opinions, concerns and other comments learned through dialogues are appropriately summarized and shared with Representative Directors (CEO, COO), Executive Officers and/or relevant departments. In case serious or significant feedback is received, it is reported to the Board of Directors.

4. Matters concerning the Future Outlook

Adding to the performance projections disclosed in financial reports and other documentation, we may use this website to disclose business plans, business strategies, management objectives and other information relating to our outlook for the future. Furthermore, responses to questions posed at press conferences, at briefings and on other occasions may include references to our outlook or view of the future. Information that is not an expression of an existing fact is based on information available as of the time of presentation and was prepared and communicated based on circumstances judged to be reasonable. Actual business performance is affected by economic conditions, the business environment and various other factors, and may differ significantly from statements made ahead of time.

5. Silent Period

To prevent leaks of financial information and ensure the fairness of information disclosures, we have designated the period of approximately one month preceding the release of quarterly financial reports as a “silent period.” In principle, we do not respond to questions or comment on performance to date or future performance during this period. Nevertheless, if a major discrepancy compared to previously released performance forecasts is anticipated, it will be announced in accordance with disclosure rules even during the silent period.

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