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Message from the Management

Dear Shareholders and Investors:

In FY 2017 the business environment surrounding JDI was difficult. Some of our customers chose to use OLED display for their smartphones and overseas peers toughened competition by expanding their production capacity while growth in the market for smartphone displays slowed.

Given this situation JDI moved to greatly reduce fixed assets and carry out fundamental restructuring in order to improve company earnings. In particular, we reduced front-end and back-end production capacity and wrote off certain business assets and idle assets. We also introduced an in-house company system specific to each of our key markets and streamlined the organization of our operations. Further, as part of our growth strategy we launched FULL ACTIVETM to bring to market LCDs with narrow bezels on all 4-sides and shifted resources to automotive/industrial displays as well as new business markets.

Looking to FY 2018, we are continuing from FY 2017 with the efforts of our Cross Functional Teams (CFT) to improve company performance and expect an increasing contribution to earnings from FULL ACTIVETM, strengthening management resources in growth areas and establishing OLED display mass manufacturing technology. The goal of these steps is to reform JDI in order to create a company structure capable of generating continuous earnings and cash flow.

We procured financing in the first quarter of FY 2018 for the working capital and capital investment needed to expand FULL ACTIVETM production in order to fully meet customer demand and we are planning for a significant increase in second-half sales. Based on this we forecast a 10-20% year on year rise in full-year sales and a recovery in the operating income margin to 2-3%, which would put net income in the black.

By making steady improvements to financial results in FY 2018 we hope to respond to everyone's expectations.

Finally, I am grateful for the continuous support and guidance from all of our stakeholders.

  • June 2018

    Nobuhiro Higashiiriki
    CEO, Representative Director and Chairman

  • Yoshiyuki Tsukizaki
    COO,Representative Director and President

Shuji Aruga: President and Representative Director, and Chief Operating Officer Nobuhiro Higashiiriki
CEO, Representative Director and Chairman
Yoshiyuki Tsukizaki
COO, President and Representative Director

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