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November 27th, 2018
Japan Display Inc.

Development of high definition VR head mounted displays for corporations
~ Specializing in viewing high definition contents ~

Japan Display Inc. (JDI) today announced that it has developed a VR head mounted display, VR HMD (JDI product name: VRM-100), with an LCD panel developed exclusively for Virtual Reality (hereinafter 'VR').

VR head mounted display VRM-100VR head mounted display VRM-100

VR head mounted display VRM-100

With current VRHMD products, they are broken down into high-end products for games, with high definition display loaded with various sensors and controllers, and products that are reasonably priced, sacrificing display functionality. And even when experiencing high-definition VR contents, not being used for games, in order to resolve the issue of having to purchase a high-end product, JDI has begun to develop and sell VRHMD, specializing in display quality, such as high-definition etc.

With VRM-100, the VR monitor unit, with high definition LCD panel and a gyro sensor, using VR goggles, allows people to view high definition VR movies. The attached VR goggles are made so they are detachable, since they are so easy to clean, they can be used, even in an environment where multiple people use them, such as in stores or at exhibitions, in a hygienic manner.
We focused on being able to view high definition VR movies, getting rid of the external head tracking sensors and controllers, mounted on VRHMD'S, for normal PC’s.

At JDI, to date we had only been focusing on the development, manufacturing and sales of VR dedicated LCD displays, however, we are expanding into the VRHMD realm, to contribute to the expansion of the VR market. Furthermore, VRM-100, for the time being, will be sold, being limited to developers in domestic corporations.

We plan on accepting reservations from December 3rd (Mon.), with the product scheduled to start shipping out from the middle of December.

VRM-100 product outline

Display VR high definition LCD display
Definition 2880 × RGB × 1600(615ppi)
Refresh rate 80 Hz (60 Hz) Auto-cutover
PC side connector interface HDMI and USB3.0 connectors
Sensors Gyro and Geomagnetic sensor (3-DOF)
Voice Stereo sound output
Mass 336g (cable not included)
External dimensions 175 × 98 × 116mm
Recommended PC environment
Windows 10
NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060 or above
AMD Radeon RX580 or above
Development envy Scheduled to provide drivers for Unity Open VR
Product structure VR monitor unit, dedicated cable, VR goggles
Remarks This products is made for PC's
This products is for Japanese domestic corporations.
The above external dimensions and appearance and specs may be changed at anytime.

-Demo will be held as below

Name of Exhibition:
December 1st (Sat.), 2018
VR experimental session, KYUSHU SANGO Univ.
Name of Exhibition:
28th annual LCD/organic EL/sensor technology exhibition "2018 Finetech Japan"
December 5th (Wed.) through the 7th (Fri.), 2018
Makuhari Messe 2-1 Nakase, Mihama, Chiba

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