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February 17, 2020
Japan Display Inc.

JDI Launches Mass Production of 1058 ppi High-Definition VR LCD

Japan Display Inc. (JDI) today announced that it has launched mass production of a 2.1″ 1058 ppi LTPS TFT-LCD, which is used solely for virtual reality head-mounted displays (″VR-HMD″).

2.1″ 1058 ppi LTPS TFT-LCD for VD-HMDs

2.1″ 1058 ppi LTPS TFT-LCD for VD-HMDs

Because VR-HMDs demand natural, precise image reproduction, JDI has moved forward with the development of technology that achieves high definition that surpasses 1,000 ppi and reduces both image blurring and latency. The 2.1″ 1058 ppi LTPS TFT-LCD that JDI has developed not only employs a special optical design to make glasses-type VR HMDs (VR glasses) thinner and lighter but also increases flexibility for set design by coming in corner-cut shapes. This display is used in VR glasses that have already been introduced to the market, and it is expected that the market will continue to grow as users can more easily experience pleasant VR spaces.

Leveraging the experience, it has gained over the many years spent developing LTPS TFT-LCDs, JDI will maintain its leading position in the field of ultra-high definition VR displays.

ppi is an abbreviation for pixels per inch.


  1058ppi LTPS TFT-LCD
LCD mode IPS designed for VR
Diagonal size 2.1-inch
Resolution 1600×RGB×1600
Pixel density 1058ppi
Response time 4.5msec (gray-to-gray, worst case)
Refresh rate 120㎐
Backlight method Global blinking
Brightness 430cd/㎡ (Typ.)

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