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Contributing to improved driver safety and comfort with advanced LCD technology and next generation OLED eLEAP.

01 Establishing Unprecedentedly High Safety Standards

The innovative display technology we provide brings unprecedented safety to automobiles. While our head-up displays naturally prevents forward inattention, its imaging technology that provides depth perception enables a three-dimensional display that integrates with reality, creating an environment where drivers can drive more safely and with confidence. Additionally, the feature of displaying different images for the driver's seat and passenger's seat on a single display makes it possible to deliver large, high-quality images of information necessary for safe driving without compromising the comfort of passengers. This leads to improved safety for car owners, and for automakers, it results in product differentiation and increased customer satisfaction. We are committed to working with automakers to pursue a level of safety never seen before, aiming to make cars and roads around the world safer places.

02 Fusing Visual Richness and Spatial Comfort

We realize our concept of fusing visual richness and spatial comfort through high-quality display technology. By providing different images for the driver's seat and the passenger's seat, we offer each passenger an optimal visual experience, making their time in the car more enriching and comfortable. Additionally, with the introduction of the panoramic HUD, we can provide a spacious interior without having to place displays near the driver or passengers. These features allow our display technology to maximize the use of limited space and enhance living comfort by securing a wide interior space. This pursuit of comfort aims for people to relax and fully enjoy their time in the car, in a pleasant environment. We want to provide an experience where our customers feel their car as their second living space, and the time spent there becomes part of their life.

03 Offering a New In-car Experience with Flexible Display Shapes and High Brightness - Our eLEAP Technology.

The interior of a car is a space where various curved surfaces coexist. Until now, displays have been square and flat, and their design has had limitations in terms of the degree of freedom to fully blend into the interior space. However, with our innovative eLEAP technology, it has become possible to design displays in free shapes, even in asymmetric forms. This allows the display to fully blend into the interior space, realizing a more beautiful design. In addition, our displays, which have high levels of brightness that do not lose to strong sunlight, provide clear images day and night, enhancing driving safety. Furthermore, you can enjoy navigation and entertainment content even more. We aim to use this technology to reduce driver's burden, prevent traffic accidents, and contribute to the safety of society as a whole.

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