New Technology, New Product, New Business

Radical new value via optimizing backplane & frontplane combinations

Through JDI's technological innovation that produces Global No.1 technologies, we will continue to create beneficial products and solutions for individuals, and society.

The evolution and expansion of JDI's core technology

The display elements that we at Japan Display have evolved can be divided into two major technical elements. These are the backplane that controls the electrical signals for outputting images and the front plane that is driven by these signals. Backplane technologies such as HMO and LTPS realize dramatic performance improvements in thin-film transistors (TFT), and the range of applications greatly expands due to the front plane materials placed on top.

Creating innovative technology and connecting it to new businesses.

Using this backplane technology and front plane technology, our company has created many new technologies, new products, and new businesses. We have started supplying innovative technologies such as HMO, eLEAP, Rælclear, and new products and prototypes like the following to the world.

LumiFree, when incorporated into lighting fixtures, enables control of the spread of light (light distribution), which is difficult with conventional lighting fixtures and technologies. It makes it possible to deliver the necessary amount of light, at the necessary time, in the necessary place. LumiFree also contributes to energy conservation by optimizing the lighting environment for each usage scene and decreasing light pollution caused by excessive lighting.

In recent years, we have also made it possible to use LCD technology in reflectors for 5G radio waves. The millimeter waves of 5G have a tendency not to reach the shadows of buildings, creating what is called coverage holes where the radio waves do not reach and wireless LAN communication is not possible. To solve this problem, we have developed an LCD reflector that can freely change the direction of the radio waves.